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Web Design For Change

These are answers to some questions I’ve been asked by my customers. They might be interesting for you too. If you’d like to engage more, join the facebook group Web Design For Change.

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If you’d like to work with me, send me a message→

Hello, I’m Verena –

this website is just starting to grow into its existence. It’s an installation – carefully selected pieces of the past and thoughts about the future, attempts of showing reality and fiction; art.

I am looking for ways to contribute in friendly and respectful ways, so that we can all do our best to create more equality and actual freedom. Or wonder together what that means and what that could look like.

Parts of this website are in German only. Please ask if there’s anything that you don’t understand and would like to know more about.

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Currently Popular

Pelican Bomb: Queer Traces

Pelican Bomb: Queer Traces

PressInterview: Pelican Bomb Queer Traces: Transnational Queer Underground’s #TheGalleryProjectBen Miller talks with Verena Spilker about a Berlin-based project that raises questions about how to create more inclusive archives and how communities can form through art....

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Sleek Magazine

Sleek Magazine

PressInterview: SLEEK MAGAZINE The Paltform Showcasing Queer Art From All Over The World Transnational Queer Underground is an artist platform dedicated to bringing artists from all over the world together and making queer voices be heard. In times when LGBTQ people...

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Interview: FELGBT

Interview: FELGBT

PressInterview: FELGTB We talk with Verena, the creator of Transnational Queer Underground“#TheGalleryProject is a transnational repository of queer art open to everyone. Collages, comics, paintings, photographs, performances and installations –among other formats–...

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From the Archives

balm&creak was a radio show hosted at Stadtradio Göttingen, in Germany. We played and talked about our favourite music for an hour every week between 2002 and 2017. You can take a look at the archive and listen to some episodes (in German).

MOM Zine

Make Out Magazine is a queer feminist zine, of which three issues were published between 2012 and 2015. There's Mixtapes, DIY projects, Interviews and more. And you can now see it all here.

Transnational Queer Underground

In 2009, whilst living in Ukraine, I started a website called Transnational Queer Underground. You can read all about what it did and means on the TQU website.

These are my four favorite projects which I organized for TQU:


More than 50 artists participated in this project and you can see all of their work online. I curated 5 exhibitions with some of the artworks in Tallinn, Sofia, Podgrica, Prague and Berlin.
→ visit #TheGalleryProject


Struggeling with the tension between sellout and necessity of Pride Marches, I interviewed Pride organizers in some regions, that you wouldn't first think of, when it comes to LGBTIQ* Pride.
→ visit #FacesOfPride


History has been mostly written by white men. So we set out to write our own: OUR_STORY. Wonderful story submissions that will make you question what you thought you knew.
→ visit OUR_STORY

TQU Photo Competitions

This has been so much fun. One topic and submissions truely from all around the world. It's so wonderful to see so many perspectives and approaches on the same topic together.
→ visit #TheGalleryProject