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Verena’s Design Studio


A new website for Transnational Queer Underground

Transnational Queer Underground (short: TQU) is a global platform for queer art and stories.

TQU believes in a world where everyone can be free.
And that no person is free while there are others that are not.
TQU wants to work towards creating that freedom for all.


Transnational Queer Underground

What’s Transnational Queer Underground’s mission?

  • Creating and maintaining as an online platform, that provides useful information for the community and anyone interested.
  • Keeping this platform inviting and encouraging for people to participate, to come out and to find their voice.
  • Organizing public and private events, such as workshops, lectures, exhibitions, concerts, seminars, exchanges, etc.
  • Publishing books, zines, posters, etc.
  • Our mission might change over time, our vision won’t.

TQU will slowly quit all activities, but the website should remain as an archive for people to explore stories, artworks and photography.
One of TQU’s most famous projects was a exhibiton series called #TheGalleryProject which combined artworks by 49 artist from 27 different countries and which was exhibited in Tallinn, Sofia, Podgorica, Prague and Montenegro.

Would you like to learn to make websites?

Would you like to learn how to let your website work for you?

portrait photo von mirjam wittig“I found Verena to be very pleasant and competent in working with us – with her great work she didn’t only make it possible to facilitate a whole festival online, but a beatiful one too!”

Mirjam Wittig, Prosanova 2020
(Photo: Salma Jaber)

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